• Rotator 02
  • Rotator 01


Precision, reliability, hygiene, high performance

  • High capacity and accuracy
  • Low cleaning intervals
  • Product contacting parts quick releasable
  • Maintenance free
  • Modular design
  • Compliance with ingress protection IP67 and higher
  • Special executions for sticky products, fragile products, granulated products
  • PTB Approval, compliance with OIML R 61
  • Precise, fast hoppergate motion
  • Maintenance free, without pullback springs
  • Low noise pollution
  • Multiweigh® “Hopper Control” recognizes and displays malfuncions
  • Hoppers fully interchangeable

Sophisticated control technology


  • Multiweigh® Touchscreen Control Unit
  • Multiweigh® -PC-Control multiprocessortechnology
  • Modular elektronic units placed in the actuator modules
  • Easy programmable, interactive software
  • 200 program setups
  • Multilingual
  • Self-diagnosis with failure report
  • Network communication ports
  • Remote maintenance via VPN
  • Statistic and production data protocol
  • Automatic optimising of production speed
  • Automatic optimising of average weight
  • Automatic taring
  • Calibration prog

MultiWeigh weighers are designed with MultiWeigh „Direct-Drive“ Actuator modules

Betätigungsmodul ausgeschnitten

  • High precision Load cells
  • No Internal or external springs – hoppers are direct drive only.
  • High Speed stepper motors
  • Modular electronic unit for each Weigh hopper and feed hopper, easily interchangeable to reduce maintenance downtime